Example COSHH risk assessment - Electronics

Important reminder

This example risk assessment shows the kind of approach a small business might take. Use it as a guide to think through some of the hazards in your business and the steps you need to take to control the risks. Please note that it is not a generic risk assessment that you can just put your company name on and adopt wholesale without any thought. This would not satisfy the law - and would not be effective in protecting people.

Every business is different - you need to think through the hazards and controls required in your business for yourself.

Company name: Antique electrical repair Date assessment made:             
Department: Workshop Date discussed with employees:             
Step 1
Step 2 Step 3 Step 4
Whats the hazard? What harm, and who? What are you doing already? What improvements do you need? Who When Check
Breathing in fume from soldering and de-soldering May cause asthma           
Skin contact with fume May cause dermatitis          
  Repairers On-iron extraction.  When it blocks up, clean it out Use rosin-free solder.  Build small extracted booth.  Skin inspection and care products      
Breathing in mist from degreaser aerosol spray Irritating to skin, drowsiness          
  Repairers - brief uses only Good general ventilation, use near extractor fan Get disposable nitrile gloves      
Waste materials - valves, lamps, plastic, wire, Bakelite Unknown harm          
  Repairers Dispose to WEEE contractor for recycling Avoid breaking display screens and fluorescent tubes check for radioactive substances and dispose of accordingly      
Also: Action taken Action needed      
Thorough examination & test - COSHH Check extraction Test new booth      
Instruction and training   Skin inspection training      
Emergency plans Fire        
Health surveillance None Ask doctor about lung function tests.      
Monitoring   None None      
Step 5
Review date
  1. Review your assessment - make sure you are not sliding back.
  2. Any significant change in the work?  Check the assessment and change it if necessary
Other hazards needing attention: flammable degreaser, radioactive paint on old instrument dials

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