4. Action for biocidal product suppliers

Suppliers of biocidal products are advised to:

  • check with your current active substance supplier that actions are being taken for them to remain on the list
  • regularly check the GB Article 95 List to see the status of all suppliers for the active substance you use
  • take action to ensure you are using a supplier that will remain on the list

If your supplier is going to be removed from the list, you will need to change to a new compliant active substance supplier or apply to get on the GB Article 95 List yourself. You should do this as soon as possible in order to maintain access to the GB market.

If you are unable to do this before the date on which HSE will remove suppliers from the list, please let us know at [email protected].

If you change your active substance supplier, you should inform HSE by:

If you supply biocidal products that do not currently require GB BPR authorisation or COPR approval, you do not need to inform HSE – but remember that you should be able to demonstrate your compliance with GB Article 95 if challenged by enforcement authorities.

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Updated 2024-06-04