3. How HSE will process submissions

HSE is receiving large volumes of submissions and we are processing these as quickly as possible.

As we process the submissions, suppliers will receive official letters from HSE to confirm which of the actions required to remain on the GB Article 95 List have been completed. We are updating the GB Article 95 List on a monthly basis to reflect this.

It is likely to be several months after the deadline before we have the full picture of which suppliers have completed all of the necessary actions to remain on the list.

There will be no cliff edge for removing suppliers from the list, and no suppliers will be removed on 1 January 2023.

Once we have fully processed all of the submissions, we will give advance warning of the list of suppliers that will be removed and the date when this will take effect. This will allow time for biocidal product suppliers to take any necessary action to ensure they are using a supplier who will remain on the list.

Look out for the announcement of the date in our eBulletins.

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Updated 2024-03-19