Stabbing and puncture hazards

Sharp corners, points and tines can cause injury

Types and parts of machinery

  • Pick-up reels
  • Adjustment and control handles
  • Combine side knives

Operator error

  • Inattention when moving around machines
  • Failure to fit knife guards
  • Approaching moving machines

Design points

  • Ensure adequate fixed distance guards (barriers) around pick-up reels
  • Avoid sharp edges on side panels and guards.
  • Ensure adjustment handles, such as those on depth wheels and jacks, do not have sharp or pointed parts.
  • Provide transport and storage covers for sharp projections.

Operator instructions and training

Instructions for using this type of machinery must include clear guidance on:

  • The need to maintain guards and disconnect power supply during maintenance
  • How to fit and store protective covers.

Find out more

  • Standard BS EN ISO 12100 - Safety of machinery – basic concepts, general principles for design

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