Slips, trips & falls

Slips and trips on machinery can cause a worker to fall against a dangerous part or from a high platform

Types of machinery

  • Vegetable harvesting and grading equipment – operator work platforms
  • Combines and other self-propelled machines – access to cabs and maintenance areas.

Operator errors

  • Inattention during access or egress from work platforms or cabs.
  • Attempting to mount a moving vehicle.
  • Carrying out cleaning and maintenance without proper access equipment.

Design points

  • Ensure as much work as possible can be done from ground level, eg low level lubrication points.
  • Provide adequate steps and handholds for work platforms and maintenance.
  • Ensure platforms and work areas have suitable guard rails.
  • Use non slip materials for floor areas and steps.
  • Locate access points outside or behind travelling wheels.
  • Provide storage for any additional steps or ladders needed to carry out routine maintenance.

Operator instructions and training

Instructions for using this type of machinery must include clear guidance on:

  • The need to keep access steps and guard rails in good condition and clear of debris
  • How to store and use any additional access equipment.

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