Short-term effects such as burns and long-term effects such as genetic damage are possible from exposure to a variety of radiation sources 

Types of machinery

  • Combine radioactive yield monitors
  • Laser levelling on drainage equipment
  • Electromagnetic fields from radio transmitters and electrical equipment

Operator errors

  • Failure to isolate sources when carrying maintenance
  • Removal of safety devices

Design points

  • Ensure emissions are the lowest possible for the functioning of the machine.
  • Ensure electromagnetic emissions cannot affect the machine or other equipment
  • Provide tamper-proof radiation sources.
  • Ensure sources are properly guarded or screened.

Operator instructions and training

Instructions for using this type of machinery must include clear guidance on:

  • Safe systems of work for the use, setting and maintenance of the radiation source
  • Instructions for the registration, control and disposal of radioactive material.

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