Exposure to noise can cause both temporary and long-term hearing damage

Types of machinery

  • Self-propelled machines, mowers, grain blowers – noise emissions from power sources and moving parts
  • Woodchippers, firewood processors, grain handling equipment – additional noise created by materials and crops being processed

Operator errors

  • Failure to keep covers and enclosures in place and in good condition
  • Not using correct hearing protection

Design points

  • Control noise at source by using components, damping and attenuation materials to reduce emissions
  • Provide enclosures that contain the noise emissions
  • Additional controls may be required for outdoor machinery to reduce environmental noise emissions

Operator instructions and training

Instructions for using this type of machinery must include clear guidance on:

  • The need to keep enclosures properly maintained.
  • The noise levels emitted by the machine which must also be shown on technical sales literature
  • How exposure to noise can be reduced or controlled where residual risk remains.

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