Mobile machinery

Additional hazards exist from being struck or trapped by mobile machines.

Types of machinery

  • Rider operated self-propelled machines such as combines, potato harvesters, vegetable rigs and forestry machinery.
  • Hand-guided mobile machines such as rotavators, brushcutters and motorised barrows

Operator errors

  • Leaving the operator position without immobilising the machine
  • Losing control or driving on excessive slopes resulting in overturn
  • Failure to maintain brakes and other control systems

Design points

  • Provide adequate roll-over protection and a seat restraint.
  • Make sure movements are only possible with the driver at the controls.
  • Ensure brakes and steering are fit for purpose and, in the event of power failure, can bring the vehicle to a safe standstill.
  • Provide an effective parking brake.
  • Provide hold-to-run controls on pedestrian controlled machines.

Operator instructions and training

Instructions for using this type of machinery must include clear guidance on:

  • Controls
  • Safe maintenance
  • Relevant training, eg Lantra qualification and accreditation.

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