Exposure to hazardous substances

There are well-known health effects from substances such as grain dust and pesticides

Types of machinery

  • Crop sprayers and other pesticide application equipment
  • Grain handling and processing machinery

Operator errors

  • Removal of covers and enclosures
  • Failing to maintain filters in cabs and ventilation equipment
  • Not using or inadequate protective equipment

Design points

  • Ensure grain handling equipment is enclosed to control release of dust.
  • Provide chemical induction systems to reduce handling.
  • Provide storage areas for contaminated protective clothing and means of decontamination such as a clean water supply.
  • Ensure any chemical addition points are located at suitable heights with good access.
  • Provide filtered cabs and operator enclosures.

Operator instructions and training

Instructions for using this type of machinery must include clear guidance on:

  • The need to keep enclosures in place
  • Safe working methods for addition of chemicals
  • Requirements for maintenance and service intervals for filtration equipment
  • Where residual risk remains, additional requirements for operator protection, such as cabs on tractors or the need to use personal protective equipment, should be specified.
  • Relevant training, eg Lantra qualification and accreditation.

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