Friction and abrasion hazards

Rough or moving surfaces adjacent to work stations can cause burns or removal of skin and muscle

Types and parts of machinery

  • Picking and sorting equipment that incorporates conveyors, webs and rollers
  • Control levers sited in confined areas

Operator error

  • Failing to maintain guards and equipment in good condition
  • Attempting to clear debris with machine running

Design points

  • Provide side covers and guards at work stations to prevent access to abrasive parts.
  • Ensure machine can be cleaned and maintained without the need to run under power.
  • Use materials that are resilient and retain smooth characteristics

Operator instructions and training

Instructions for using this type of machinery must include clear guidance on:

  • Safe methods of cleaning and repair
  • The need to keep guards in place.
  • Specification for replacement parts

Find out more

  • Standard BS EN ISO 4254-1 - Agricultural machinery safety – General requirements

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