A poor match between operator and machine can cause physical discomfort and increases the chances of errors during operation. 

Types and parts of machinery

  • Cabs and operator stations on mobile harvesting machines
  • Work stations on vegetable grading and potting lines
  • Warning lights and displays on complex machines such as combines

Operator errors

  • Fitting control boxes and displays incorrectly
  • Failing to adjust workstation to suit individual needs
  • Failure to respond to visual and audible warnings

Design points

  • Provide sufficient adjustment and space to account for variation in body sizes.
  • Consider the thermal comfort, noise and vibration of operator stations.
  • Ensure controls are situated within suitable reach and are properly marked.
  • Provide adequate space around controls so that they are easy to operate and their travel is consistent with the action to be performed.
  • Provide automatic monitoring functions.
  • Locate indicators and displays so that information can be detected and interpreted conveniently.
  • Provide a means of changing work rate to suit individual operator needs.

Operator instructions and training

Instructions for using this type of machinery must include clear guidance on:

  • Correct siting and installation of control systems
  • Adjustment of the physical characteristics of the workstation.

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