Questions to ask

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Questions anybody should ask about planning and organising an adventure activity trip.

What you must do

If you are involved - in any way - with an adventure activity trip, you need to know the most important questions to ask. These questions cover the main arrangements that should be in place .

What you should know/supporting info

  1. What are the main objectives of the visit?
  2. What is "Plan B" if the main objectives can't be achieved?
  3. What could go wrong ? Do the arrangements cover:
    • The main activity
    • "Plan B"
    • Travel arrangements
    • Emergency procedures
    • Staffing and skills
    • Generic and site-specific hazards and risks (including for Plan B)
    • Variable hazards (including environmental and participants' personal abilities and the 'cut off' points).
  4. What information will be provided for participant, leaders and parents? Will they be able to ask questions, is there a meeting arranged?
  5. What assurances are there of the leader(s) competencies?
  6. What are the communication arrangements when the trip is underway?
  7. What are the arrangements for supervision, both during activities and 'free time'
  8. What feedback or change has there been from previous trips?

This is just a summary of the main points to consider.

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Updated 2023-07-13