The licence

A licence will be issued if the inspector is satisfied with your application and any subsequent inspection. The Licensing Authority has the power also to refuse, vary or revoke a licence if it has concerns over safety management systems.

Standard licence conditions will be included on every licence and will place duties on you (the provider) to ensure that the requirements related to safety remain effective throughout the duration of the licence period. You are also required to co-operate with the Licensing Authority by allowing further inspection and access to additional information if required; Your licence must be made available for inspection by the public, on request.

In addition, the adventure activity licence may include non-standard conditions which specify:

  • the activity covered
  • the upper hazard levels within the activity
  • the geographical area; and/or
  • the time of year of operations

The period of validity of a licence, and the interval between planned full inspections will depend on various factors. These factors include:

  • the size and complexity of the organisation
  • the level of risk
  • the number, nature and location of activities offered
  • number of clients
  • turnover of key staff
  • number and nature of serious accidents, and the provider's response to them
  • the provider's track record including complaints investigated and found to be justified, etc.

The maximum period will be three years. Further inspections may be required outside the application process if the Authority believes it is necessary for the purposes of safety. No charge is made for additional inspections.

The inspection activity of the Licensing Authority is separate to any inspections that may be carried out by the Local Authority of the Health and Safety Executive under the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974.

Providers listed on the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority Register are required to have their licence on display if facilities for adventure activities are provided from an activity centre on two or more consecutive days. In other cases, it should be available for inspection on request.

Adventure activities licences are electronic and are sent to the provider as a pdf. Providers can make their licence available on their website and share it with potential clients and other interested parties.

Licence holders may also display a copy of the AALA logo on their advertising materials, website etc, to show they hold a licence. The licence remains the property of the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority and must be returned on request.

If you have any questions about the licence, please contact the Licensing Authority.

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Updated: 2023-07-13