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Below you will find summary information about adventure activities licensing for activity providers, parents & teachers and schools & clubs


This information will help providers understand Adventure Activities Licensing:

Parents and teachers

As a parent or teacher, you may have concerns about identifying safety standards at adventure activity centres or individual providers. The licensing of centres providing adventure activities to young people of 17 years old and under came into force on 16 April 1996. All those who provide adventure activities within scope of the Licensing Regulations 2004 must have a licence.

Schools, Voluntary Associations or other Non-Licensed Provider

Schools - A school or other educational establishment (college, university etc.) does not require a licence for provision to its own pupils or students. A licence is required for provision to pupils of another educational establishment or to other members of the public, when provided in return for payment. Activity centres, field study centres etc. run by education authorities or departments are excluded from the definition of an educational establishment so are required to have a licence. Young people who have left their school in the previous term and who wish to eg finish their participation in the Duke of Edinburgh's Award can be allowed to do so without the school needing a licence. If in doubt, contact the licensing authority for advice.

Voluntary Associations

A voluntary association (a non-profit making membership organisation, commonly a club) does not require a licence to provide activities to its own members or, by arrangement, to the members of another voluntary association. They can also hold open days or taster events to interest members of the public in their activities or to attract new members so long as no individual non-member participates this way on more than 3 days a year. If the voluntary association sells activities to the general public or to a school, a licence will be needed.

Non-licensed providers

If you do not provide licensable activities to young people in return for payment then you do not need a licence. If you provide licensable activities in return for payment then you need a licence. If you are not sure if you need a licence, contact the licensing authority for advice.

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Updated: 2023-07-13