Inspection of Adventure Activity Providers

The contract to provide inspection services on behalf of the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority was awarded to Adventure Risk Management Services (Adv-RMS) in 2020.

Role of Adv RMS

Adv-RMS provide the inspection element of the licensing process on behalf of HSE. It does this by:

  • Carrying out an examination of applicants' Health and Safety policies and procedures as well as any other relevant documents
  • carrying out site inspections
  • making licensing decisions

Adv-RMS inspectors

Adv-RMS operates with a team of inspectors who are all highly qualified and experienced outdoor professionals. They have worked in the sector for many years and still participate actively in adventure activities. Overall the team has detailed knowledge and experience of all licensable activities and many non-licensable ones which are often found at centres. The requirement to be suitably experienced or qualified is set out in the regulations.

All inspectors are appointed in writing and carry identification. They will show this on request.

Role of HSE

HSE, as the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority, provides the administrative function of the licensing process. This is coordinated by HSE's Licensing and Permissioning team.

HSE receive the application forms and ensure that all necessary documentation has been included and payment made, before passing the information to Adv-RMS.

HSE are also responsible for:

  • issuing licenses
  • varying, revoking or refusing licences to secure safety
  • investigating complaints within remit of AALA
  • making information about licence holders available to the public
  • answering general queries about licensing

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Updated: 2023-08-16