Information for recreational divers who are paying for a dive guide or instructor

  • If divers are paying for training from a diving instructor or there is a dive guide employed then the Diving at Work Regulations 1997 will apply.
  • There should be a 'Diving Project Plan'. The instructor or guide should brief the divers on its content.
  • This plan should cover team size and the duties that some of the team will carry out. There should be a minimum of three people nominated in the plan:
    • the 'supervisor' (usually the instructor/guide)
    • a 'person on the surface' who can summon help if required
    • a diver nominated as the 'safety or rescue diver' qualified to render assistance to the supervisor if necessary. A novice diver will not usually be able to carry out this role
  • The pre-dive brief should cover the planned duration and the criteria for ending the dive and returning to the surface (usually time and/or cylinder pressure). The brief should also cover dive abort procedures, if the expected water conditions are not acceptable, and lost diver procedures.
  • The plan should detail the arrangements for the provision of first aid and oxygen administration.
  • The 'staff divers' should all have an in date HSE 'certificate of medical fitness to dive'.
  • Equipment servicing records should be available.
  • If using a dry suit, adequate confined water training should be completed before open water use.

Further information can be obtained from HSE's diving website.

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Updated 2020-09-16