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The HSE's Dive Group (within HSE's Energy Division) is made up of two dive inspection teams and the Diving Operations Strategy Team (DOST).

DOST is responsible for operational strategy and guidance on diving matters, and is a focal point for operational diving policy and information for other government departments/agencies, industry and the general public.

Diving Operations Strategy Team (DOST)
Health and Safety Executive, Energy Division (Diving)
Rosebery Court, Central Avenue
St Andrews Business Park
Norfolk, NR7 0HS
Email: [email protected]

HSE diving inspection teams are responsible for inspecting premises and projects, investigating incidents and accidents, and dealing with complaints.

Diving Inspection Team – Southern (England and Wales)
Health and Safety Executive, Energy Division (Diving)
Rosebery Court, Central Avenue,
St Andrews  Business Park
Email: [email protected]

Diving Inspection Team – Northern (Scotland) Health and Safety Executive, Energy Division (Diving)
Lord Cullen House
Fraser Place
AB25 3UB

Email: [email protected]

Information on HSE Approved Medical Examiners of Divers (AMEDs), including a list of these doctors, is available on AMED web pages. Enquiries from AMEDs about their approval and the work they undertake should be sent to:

Corporate Medical Unit
Health and Safety Executive
Redgrave Court
Merton Road
L20 7HS
E-mail: [email protected]

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Updated 2024-02-09