Medical requirements for diving at work

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Find out about divers' medical fitness and assessment during the outbreak.

These pages provide information about medical fitness to dive for self-employed divers and employers. They also explain the approval and review process for Approved Medical Examiners of Divers (AMEDs).

Certificate of medical fitness to dive - information for self-employed divers and employers

Under the Diving at Work Regulations 1997 all divers at work must have a valid certificate of fitness to dive issued by an Approved Medical Examiner of Divers (AMED).  AMEDs are approved by HSE to conduct statutory medical examinations on divers to ensure they are fit to dive. There are medical conditions that may prevent divers from diving or restrict the type of diving that they do. Before you visit an AMED, you should read our guidance 'Are you medically fit'.

The responsibility lies with the self-employed diver or employer  to find a suitable AMED if required.  You can search our list of AMEDs. If you wish to see a doctor who is not on that list, they will need to apply to HSE for approval.  To become approved, the doctor will need to meet the criteria set by HSE. While AMEDS are approved by HSE, they are not employed by HSE.  Divers requiring the medical examination, or their employers, are responsible for agreeing payments with the AMED.

If an AMED declares you unfit to dive or fit to dive with restrictions, you can appeal to HSE for a review of that decision.

Updated 2021-08-25