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There is no longer a moratorium on new applications. Please read and carefully follow the new procedures explained in these web pages before submitting an application.

Revision of MA1 – The medical examination and assessment of commercial divers

October 2015

Following a review, HSE has published a revised version of MA1 entitled 'The medical examination and assessment of commercial divers'.

In undertaking the review, HSE collaborated with the UK Sports Diving Medical Committee, received contributions from invited experts and consulted stakeholders. Contributions from experts covered sections on obesity, mental health, respiratory fitness, cardiovascular fitness, neurological fitness, ENT, diabetes and exercise testing. The document also contains revisions to sections on the gastrointestinal system and haematology, and updates administrative aspects.   

The diver fact sheet and medical questionnaire, which have been updated, can now be found on HSE's diving web pages. The MA2 annual results log has been removed from MA1 as it has been superseded by the Diver's Medical Record.

Applying the standards and guidelines set out in the document will help promote a consistent approach to fitness assessments. They are based on scientific evidence and expert opinion and will be subject to periodic review.

One of the guiding principles is that where there is doubt about an individual's fitness to dive, AMEDs should seek specialist advice where appropriate and adopt a risk-based approach in each case. Performing a risk assessment supported by the standards and guidelines in MA1 will allow AMEDs to use discretion in making a justifiable, informed judgement on fitness to dive. 

AMEDs should continue to use the current MA2 forms which contain the certificate of medical fitness to dive. Blank MA2 forms can be requested by email.

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