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HSE Fit3 Survey

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has commissioned the research organisation IPSOS-MORI to conduct a large-scale survey of workplaces across the UK, which will run from November 2007 to February 2008. The survey is called the Fit3 workplace survey because it supports the HSE’s FIT3 programme (Fit for work, fit for life, fit for tomorrow). This is the third in a series of employer surveys.

The aim of the survey is to provide information to HSE on current health and safety practices in a representative sample of UK workplaces. By having this information HSE will be much more effective in targeting its services to businesses, and will have much greater awareness of the kinds of issues businesses face when tackling health and safety issues.

In total 6,000 interviews are planned with representatives from workplaces from across the full range of British industry. It is important to stress that the aim is not to look at health and safety at individual workplaces, rather to look at the kinds of things that are happening in workplaces as a whole. Therefore, respondents need not be concerned that their responses will be used in any other way than to provide data to help HSE think about the services it provides. The survey has nothing to do with inspections or any other contact respondents might have had with HSE, its entire purpose is for HSE to collect information so that it can better understand what is happening in workplaces.

Moreover IPSOS MORI have a strict code of confidentiality which means that they cannot pass over any personalised information they have collected under any circumstances.

The questionnaire will be conducted over the phone and lasts about 20 minutes, (although this might vary a little depending on peoples’ responses). Interviewers will be happy to arrange a time that is convenient for respondents.

We at HSE are very grateful to everyone who participants in this survey, and hopes that respondents will feel that they have taken part in something very worthwhile.

Updated 2015-03-31