Powered gates

Here you will find information and guidance for safety on the design, construction, supply, and use, inspection, examination and maintenance of powered gates.

Whilst these pages concentrate on powered gates, much of the advice and guidance will also be applicable to powered industrial doors and, to some extent, other powered building products such as pedestrian doors, screens, shutters, windows, vents and awnings.

Concerned about an unsafe powered gate?

There have been a number of serious and fatal incidents involving powered gates and industrial doors. If you believe a powered gate is dangerously unsafe, in the first instance you should promptly bring the matter to the attention of the gate owner or person responsible for the site at which the gate is located, preferably in writing with reasons for your opinion. This will help that person consider the matter and take any action necessary for safety.

Should you wish to advise the authorities of the situation please note the following:

Updated: 2023-03-27