6. Attending court

HSE staff will keep you informed about HSE-led prosecutions. This includes the:

  • date
  • location
  • time
  • outcome

In some cases, the prosecutor will have an indication of the defence’s plea before attending court. HSE will discuss the significance of this with you and our proposed course of action.

Bereaved close relatives

You have the right to request a visit to the court before the trial date. You can familiarise yourself with the building, whether you are giving evidence or not.

You also have the right to meet with the prosecutor who will be presenting the case in court. This meeting will usually take place shortly before the trial. This is an opportunity for you to meet them and ask any questions you may have.


You will be told the date, location and time of any court hearing as well as the outcome. If you are providing witness evidence and are a vulnerable or intimidated witness, HSE will consider special measures. This can include giving evidence using a video link. We can request special measures from the court.

You will be able to refresh your memory by reading your witness statement. Where the court allows, you can meet with the HSE prosecutor before the hearing. They can explain what will happen and answer any questions you may have.

You may be able to arrange a visit to the court before the hearing to familiarise yourself with the building. For cases heard in Wales, you have the legal right to use Welsh when giving evidence. The court will make any arrangements.

If any property of yours was taken as a part of the evidence in the investigation this will be returned as soon as it is no longer needed.

Expenses for attending court

Bereaved relatives and victims can claim certain expenses when attending court to give evidence. These are in line with rates approved by the CPS. If you are giving evidence, HSE will explain these to you and provide you with the relevant forms to complete.

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