Providing health surveillance

You must provide health surveillance for all your employees who, despite your action to control the risk, are likely to be regularly exposed above the Exposure Action Value or are considered to be at risk for any other reason. The purpose of health surveillance is to:

You should consult with your trade union safety representative, or employee representative, and the employees concerned before introducing health surveillance. It is important that your employees understand that the aim of health surveillance is to protect them from developing advanced symptoms of ill health so that they can continue to work. You will need their understanding and co-operation if health surveillance is to be effective.

How can I arrange health surveillance?

Basic health surveillance consists of regularly seeking information about early symptoms of ill health by using a questionnaire. It may help you keep costs down if you carry out this function yourself, referring any positive responses to an occupational health service provider.

Alternatively, you could ask an occupational health service provider to provide a complete service on your behalf. You should be able to find details of occupational health service providers from your trade association, your local telephone directory, the internet or your nearest HSE office.

What should I expect from an occupational health service provider?

A suitable occupational health service provider will have training and experience in health surveillance for hand-arm vibration.

They should be able to:

What do I have to do with the results of health surveillance?

You will need to:

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