Semi-automatic cut off machine

The task

Cutting multiple cast components from their runners and risers.

The problem

One of the traditional methods for cutting off cast components is to use an abrasive cutting disc mounted in a circular saw bench. In a typical day at one foundry the operator of such a machine could spend up to 3 hours exposed to vibration magnitudes of up to 5 m/s2. The operation is also very noisy and there is potential risk of injury from contact with the exposed cutting disc.

The solution

Two fully-enclosed, semi-automatic cut-off machines were bought, principally to improve quality and efficiency. The multiple castings are clamped in rotating fixtures, trunnion mounted, and cut off with an abrasive disc.

an automatic cut off machine

Semi-automatic cut-off machine

The result

Automatic cut-off machine from Flexovit (UK) Ltd