Stop slips in kitchens

An initiative aimed at people working in and managing kitchens.

How many slips have happened in your kitchen?

When kitchen worker Amy slipped on water from a leaking drinks dispenser, she instinctively reached out to stop her fall, in the process she plunged her arm into boiling hot oil. Chef Ahsan was even more unlucky; he slipped on a floor still wet from mopping and in the process of falling, pulled the entire contents of a hot deep fat fryer over him. These are two examples of serious slip accidents that have happened in a professional kitchen. In 2006/07 1863 people received an injury that kept them off work for more than three days, 640 received a major injury (many resulting in broken bones). As well as the personal cost, accidents can leave you short handed and can cost you money (eg sick pay, compensation claims, increased insurance costs).

Everyone has a part to play when it comes to stopping slips. Chefs, managers and business owners need to set up effective systems for preventing slips and trips and then need to ensure staff are informed, trained and following those systems. Staff can make a big difference by adopting a 'see it, sort it' mentality.

The good news is that it is possible to stop slip accidents from happening and the contents of this site can help.

Materials have been produced, designed to help you reduce the risk of slipping in your kitchen and help you comply with health and safety legislation. Electronic copies can be viewed by clicking on the links below; some are also available in print.


Stop slips in kitchens

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