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Everyone in the workplace has a part to play when it comes to preventing slips and trips, from the person who designed the building to the people working inside of it.


To tackle slips and trips successfully in your workplace you need to; put in place an effective management system, carry out regular risk assessments and make sure you are aware of the relevant laws and regulations.


What can you do to make a difference? Your actions could make the difference between someone getting injured or not. Seen a spillage? Instead of thinking it's someone else's problem, why not clear it up?

Architect or Designer

Slipping accidents cause many thousands of occupational and public sector injuries every year involving broken bones, pain suffering and financial loss for society. Where better to make that right choice of flooring than at the very beginning of the design process taking a balanced view of cost, durability, aesthetics and safety targeting those areas that get foreseeably wet. Getting it right by design is a giant step forward in reducing slip injuries.

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