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Slips and Trips eLearning Package

All about the tool

What is the STEP tool?

STEP is an eLearning package developed by the HSE, providing slips and trips guidance through interactive learning.

It is an easy way to learn about slips and trips, how they are caused, why preventing them is important and how to tackle them. STEP includes quizzes, videos, animations, case studies and interactive sequences to enhance the learning experience.

Completing this package will help your understanding of slips and trips, but to reduce accidents you will also need to take action in your workplace.

What industries does it suit?

The general course is suitable for many different industries. The four other courses have been specifically designed for Food Manufacturing, Hospitality & Catering, Education and the Health Services. 

How long will it take me to complete?

Each course contains three levels;

Level Time to Complete Description
Introductory 15- 20mins A short, snappy course, providing key information in an easy to understand and interactive format.
Intermediate 1 Hour Several short lessons in simple English on key topics including footwear, flooring and assessing slip and trip risks.
Advanced Varies dependant on which topics user needs to complete Contains a number of detailed lessons, several of a technical nature e.g. classification of flooring, procurement of footwear, test methods. If fully completed users will develop an in depth knowledge of all topics or learn about specific topics.

How do I access it?

STEP is a free to use online tool. It sits on the HSE website.

When you start the STEP tool it will start by giving you a short demonstration (lasting 1 minute), showing you how to use the tool and how to interact with it. When using STEP for the first time we strongly recommend you watch the demonstration through to the end.

How does it relate to other slips and trips guidance and tools?

STEP replaces some of our previous priced publications - HSG 155 Slips and Trips: Guidance for employers on identifying hazards and controlling risks and HSG 156 Slips and trips: Guidance for the food processing industry.

STEP presents information usually contained in slips and trips guidance documents in a different way. It refers to and complements;-

Can I use it to train others?

Yes. You can either let people work through the selected level or alternatively, you can use the cascade presentations to train several people in one go.

All of the additional information you need to train others is available through the resources tab in the toolbar on both the ‘intermediate’ or ‘advanced levels’.  (Also see the frequently asked questions for more information)