HSE and the rubber industry

Rubber manufacturing is a traditional heavy industry, which has seen slow changes in production techniques and processing machinery since the 1970's. There has however been continuous development in rubber chemistry.

The industry has improved occupational health and safety measures over the years, in particular exposure to chemicals such as rubber dust and fume.

HSE's Manufacturing Sector works with the rubber industry through the Tyre and Rubber Industries Safety Action Group (TRISAG), which has replaced the Rubber Industry Advisory Committee (RUBIAC). Our joint objective is to drive down accidents and ill health by monitoring health and safety performance and producing guidance.

TRISAG represents those involved in:

  • the manufacture of general rubber goods and new tyres;
  • tyre retreading and recovery;
  • tyre imports, distribution and retailing.

The trade associations involved in TRISAG are the:

All TRISAG members are developing health and safety plans

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Updated 2022-05-23