Annual Science Review

HSE has published its 2024 Annual Science Review. This year we have focused on the role played by our scientist and engineers in delivering forensic incident investigation activities and providing expert evidence used by courts to secure justice.

Our review provides case studies from the range of science and engineering work we have delivered and illustrates how HSE uses science and evidence to protect people and places including:

  • Maintaining Great Britain’s record as one of the safest countries to work in

    • HSE’s Forensic investigation; the robust scientific evidence that underpins HSE's regulatory activities.

    Enabling industry to innovate safely to prevent major incidents: supporting the move towards net zero

    • MultHyFuel: inclusion of hydrogen onto multi-fuel stations

    Reducing work-related ill health

    • Evaluation of exposure controls used in electrolytic nickel plating

    Increase and maintain trust to ensure people feel safe where they live, where they work and in their environment

    • Monitoring the health of registered pesticide workers: 10 years of the PIPAH study
    • Putting residents at the heart of the new Building Safety Regulator


Previous versions of the Annual Science Review are available:

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Updated 2024-04-02