Science, engineering and evidence

HSE is a scientific and evidence based organisation that employs over 850 science and engineering experts. Our Annual Science Review provides case studies of the science, engineering and analysis work we have delivered and illustrates how HSE uses robust science and evidence to protect people and places.

This year we have given a particular focus on our activities enabling the safe deployment of net zero energy technologies. Our review contains case studies illustrating how HSE uses science and evidence to protect people and places. As well as highlighting scientific achievements, awards and publications, it also focuses on the roles of some of our specialist staff.

Annual science review series

Foresight Report

Foresight Centre Report

HSE Science and Engineering evidence Publications

HSE science and engineering evidence is published in reports, scientific journals and conference proceedings, and trade and professional magazines etc. We also publish reports on science and evidence that we have commissioned from other organisations. 

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Shared Research Programme

HSE's Shared Research Programme supports external investment and collaboration in HSE's research portfolio. This allows resources and expertise to be shared for the benefit of all.

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Updated 2023-05-31