HSE's shared research programme

What do we mean by shared research?

HSE's Shared Research Programme supports external investment and collaboration in HSE's research portfolio. This allows resources and expertise to be shared for the benefit of all. By supporting the shared research approach, contributing partners will be able to help shape the focus of the research activity, gain ongoing access to emerging findings and have early sight of draft outputs.

How is shared research taken forward?

Shared research is commissioned and managed through an appropriate range of commercial relationships, depending on the scale of activity and involvement. These include:

  • Partnerships - long term relationships with individual clients, who share key organizational objectives with HSE and covering a large suite of work, addressing joint topics of concern over a number of years;
  • Programmes - centred on relevant cross-cutting themes, which impact both the regulator and regulated. Offered on a single or multi-client basis, programmes would run over a number of years and consist of a series of linked activities or projects around identified topic areas;
  • Projects - these have a defined aim and objectives, designed to address a specific research question in a clearly defined time frame. Projects would either be offered on an individual or multi-client basis; and
  • Research club memberships - these provide a mechanism to support smaller organisations and to increase the reach of the findings of research undertaken via the mechanisms described above as well as for the findings of HSE-specific research and HSE operational support activities.

Contact details

For general enquiries, further information and to express interest in HSE's Shared Research Programme please contact us: [email protected].

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Updated 2024-01-29