3. How to notify or apply

Use the RADAN online service to:

  • notify HSE of low-risk work you carry out with ionising radiation or in an atmosphere containing radon above a certain level
  • apply to HSE for a registration to carry out medium-risk work with ionising radiation
  • apply to HSE for consent to carry out high-risk work with ionising radiation

If you are a dentist or dental practice using X-rays you require REGISTRATION for radiation generators, NOT consent.

You can also use this service to provide further information if requested by HSE.

Who should submit the information

An authorised employee should submit the information. They should be familiar with the practices carried out by the employer and understand whether notification, registration or consent is required.

This will usually be someone directly involved in the work, such as a Radiation Protection Supervisor or someone with the equivalent levels of knowledge and training.

Radiation Protection Advisers who are employees of the applicant can submit the information if authorised to.

Third parties can advise but cannot submit the information.

Start now

You will be able to save your progress and return to it later.

Before you start

If you’re unsure whether your work requires notification, registration or consent read the guidance on page 2: 'What you need to do'.


When applying for a registration you will need to give information about the extent and purpose of the work, including the approximate number of generators and premises where they will be used.


If you're unsure whether you need consent, speak to your radiation protection adviser before starting your application.

You will need to upload a safety assessment with your consent application – more on safety assessments.

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Updated 2024-03-25