Ionising radiation notifications

When do I need to notify HSE?

You will need to provide information to HSE:     

How do I tell HSE of my work with ionising radiation under IRR17?

Depending on the level of risk for the work you do you may need to notify, register or get consent from HSE.

What kind of radiation incidents need to be reported to HSE?

The Approved Code of Practice and guidance on IRR17 sets out full details of the following incidents that need to be reported:

You can email a report to [email protected].  

What are the Radiation Emergency Preparedness and Public Information Regulations 2001 (REPPIR)?

REPPIR applies to operators of premises who carry out work with ionising radiation, and to those who transport radioactive sources through public places – other than by standard forms of transport – in excess of specified levels.

The main aim of the regulations is to establish whether a radiation emergency is foreseeable and to mitigate the consequences, should one occur.

What information must I provide under REPPIR?

The Radiation Emergency Preparedness and Public Information Regulations 2001 requires that operators of premises with radioactive substances in excess of the threshold quantities  carry out a risk assessment (a Hazard Identification and Risk Evaluation, or 'HIRE') and send a report of the assessment to HSE. Operators must do this 12 months before the work is to be undertaken – unless a shorter period is agreed beforehand by HSE.

A HIRE should contain sufficient information and appropriate cross-references for HSE to confirm the outcome of the assessments. The HIRE should be sufficient to demonstrate that:

Where there is a significant change to the amount of radioactive material, the conduct of the work or to the premises, a further assessment must be made and a revised HIRE submitted to HSE.

In any case, the HIRE should be reviewed every 3 years, and updated if the work has changed in any way, or if there have not been any changes of circumstances then a declaration signed to that effect.  The revised HIRE or Declaration must be submitted to HSE.

If any of the above applies to you then submit a HIRE report REPPIR1 - Provision of and Assessment Report. To submit a HIRE report email: [email protected].

What do I notify about under RIDDOR?

The Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 2013 (RIDDOR) require certain radiation-related events to be reported to HSE:

Updated 2021-08-24