Safety assessment: consent for work with ionising radiation

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1. Overview

When you apply for consent to carry out a high-risk work practice with ionising radiation, you must submit a safety assessment to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

A safety assessment consists of:

It may take some time to get the information you need to complete a safety assessment template, so consider doing this before you start your application.

You should include all the relevant information in the template. It is not acceptable to reference other documents or procedures.

You can find out about local rules and contingency plans in our approved code of practice and guidance for IRR17.

The primary purpose of the submission of a safety assessment is to:

  • enable you to determine if adequate safety arrangements are in place for the practice, as defined in the regulations
  • give an assurance to HSE that compliance with IRR17 is, or will, be achieved and maintained.

Where you believe you cannot or do not meet HSE's expectations for the content of the safety assessments you should explain why you consider this reasonable and appropriate.

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Updated 2024-06-10