How can I choose quieter equipment and machinery?

How to choose quieter equipment and machinery

Introducing a positive ‘buy quiet’ purchasing and hire policy can be the most cost-effective long-term measure you take to reduce noise at work.

Choosing quieter equipment and machinery, whether it is bought or hired, can save you the cost of introducing noise-reduction measures and providing hearing protection, health surveillance and associated training, once it is installed or in use.

What your ‘buy quiet’ policy should involve

Your ‘buy quiet’ policy should involve the following:

Ask the potential suppliers about the likely noise levels under the particular conditions in which you will operate the machinery, as well as under standard test conditions. If you ask the same question to all suppliers, you can compare information.

Noise output data will only ever be a guide as many factors affect the noise levels experienced by employees, but it will help you to buy quieter machines.

You should also:

You may want to include a penalty clause in your contract if guaranteed noise emission values are exceeded.

Installation and operational or maintenance training

Remember to ask your supplier for any specific requirements regarding installation and operational or maintenance training to ensure low noise exposures are achieved and sustained.

This might include:

Updated 2021-09-23