Multi-headed grinder

The Problem

multi-headed grinder

A key part in the manufacture of brake pads is the grinding of the pads to the correct shapes and geometries. In this case a multi-headed grinder was used and in common with most grinding operations it is the tool workpiece interaction that was producing most of the noise.

The Solution

The existing safety guarding was replaced with new guards constructed from a 6mm thick polycarbonate sheet in a metal framework. These new guards provide an effective airtight seal when closed.

The internal faces of the grinding compartments were lined with a 25mm thick flame retardant acoustic foam to reduce the internal reverberant noise levels.

The small ventilation hole was fitted with a straight through silencer.

The out-feed chute was fitted with a noise trap which is essentially a three sided straight through silencer.

The Results

The noise levels were reduced by circa 5dB.

The Costs

£4,250 for the full treatment (2005 rates).

Information supplied by

Ferodo UK & PDA Ltd.

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Updated 2021-02-10