Brake pad grinding

The Problem

Brake pad grinder

When first moulded brake pads are slightly over sized and need to be ground to exactly the correct size and shape. Noise from the grinding machine had been shown to be due to the process itself rather than from the electric motor or the dust extract system. The significant noise was all high frequency and is ideally suited to the use of a localised acoustic screen to reduce the noise levels at the operators' ears.

The Solution

A partial acoustic screen was constructed from a sheet of 10mm thick polycarbonate.

This screen was then further extended downward using strips of acoustic curtain to provide a measure of screening and ease of access to the work piece.

The Results

Noise was reduced by over 6dB at the operators' ears..

The Costs

£759 per screen.

Information supplied by

Ferodo UK & PDA Ltd.

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Updated 2021-02-09