HSE's Planning Advice Web App

HSE is transforming how it delivers its land use planning service, making it easier and quicker for developers, Planning Authorities, and others (eg. Agents, Architects, and Land Owners) to access HSE's formal advice.

A new 'Web App' allows developers and others to make enquiries related to any plot of land. It is an online system which also allows Planning Authorities to obtain HSE's advice directly.

Planning Advice Web App

App information

The Web App is part of a wider service which has been designed to support early and positive engagement using an enhanced pre-application service. Developers and others can now gain increased access to HSE's assessment tools and techniques, simplifying and speeding up the process. HSE's Health and Safety Laboratory (HSL) are also taking on an increased role in delivering advice on planning applications.

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Updated: 2023-03-24