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Pre-application advice can be provided to business users who are looking to develop a site which lies near to a major hazard site or a major accident hazard pipeline and depending upon the level of advice which is requested there may be a charge for this service. There are two different services available; a Planning Advice Web App and a more detailed consultancy package.

Fire safety and planning applications

We also provide advice about planning applications that involve or may involve a relevant building.

This separate service is linked to our building safety statutory consultee role. The advice is not available through the WebApp.

Planning Advice Web App

  • Confirmation whether the proposed development is within a HSE consultation zone of a major hazard site or a major accident hazard pipeline (free service).
  • If your site lies within a HSE consultation zone, you can obtain an indication of HSE's advice for the proposed development (charged service).
  • If the proposed development is within an Explosive Safeguarding zone, you will be provided with contact details for the Explosives Inspectorate for you to obtain their land use planning advice (charged service).

Proceed to the Planning Advice Web App


This service is for the more complex proposed developments where you are unable to use the above Planning Advice Web App, or where HSE may be able to engage with you to consider if changes could be made to a proposal which would lead HSE to reconsider its advice. Advice on proposed plans, advice on re-designing lay-outs and any other specific tasks will be quoted for. To discuss using this option please contact the Planning Advice team on:

Tel: 0203 028 3708
Email: [email protected]

This is a charged service. Further contact details.

The above charges do not include any travel and expenses associated with providing the service which will be charged in addition.


Use of this service would not prejudice HSE's statutory planning advice to a planning authority once you have formally submitted your planning application and it does not guarantee that your development will be approved.

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Updated: 2021-07-15