HSE's Planning Application advice - Planning Advice Web App

HSE has developed a software version of the methodology used in providing land use planning advice , which is available on-line to planning authorities, to enable them to consult HSE directly for advice on developments around major hazard sites and major hazard pipelines.

HSE's Planning Advice Web App uses the following information to determine HSE's advice:

  • The proximity of the proposed development to the major hazard site or major hazard pipeline, in terms of three zones (inner, middle and outer) around the site or pipeline, and
  • the type of development (eg workplace, housing, shops, school, etc.), its size and intensity.

HSE, through the Web App, will either advise against, or not advise against, the granting of planning permission.

When HSE advises against the granting of planning permission, it will, on request, explain the reasons for this advice to the local planning authority.

Planning authorities can also use HSE's Planning Advice Web App at the pre-planning stage, to find out what HSE's advice will be should a planning application be submitted, or when considering land allocations for Local Plans.

Developers can also use HSE's Planning Advice Web App to find out if a proposed development lies within the consultation distance of a major hazard, and if it does, they can, for a fee, use the Web App to find out what HSE's advice would be on the proposal.

Access the system

To access the Web App, please click on the following link – HSE's Planning Advice Web App HSL. Please note that the Web App  cannot be used for:

Contact point for planning authorities and developers

Planning authorities or developers who require help in using or accessing HSE's Planning Advice Web App should contact:

Land Use Planning Support Team
Harpur Hill
SK17 9JN
Tel: 0203 028 3708
Email: [email protected]

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Updated: 2021-07-13