Land Use Planning (LUP) - Public safety advice

HSE is a statutory consultee for planning applications around major hazard sites and pipelines and on applications for hazardous substances consent. HSE's advice is aimed at mitigating the effects of a major accident on the population around a major hazard site.

Fire safety and planning applications

HSE is a statutory consultee for planning applications that involve or may involve a relevant building.

HSE's Planning Advice Web App

HSE has transformed how it delivers its land use planning service, making it easier and quicker for developers, Planning Authorities, and others (eg. Agents, Architects, and Land Owners) to access HSE's formal advice. A 'Web App' allows developers and others to make enquiries related to any plot of land. It is an online system which also allows Planning Authorities to obtain HSE's advice directly.

Our Statutory and Commercial Land Use Planning Team was short-listed in the 'Stakeholder Engagement in Planning' category of The Planning Awards 2017. Hosted by Planning Magazine, these prestigious awards celebrate excellence in planning and place making. The team was nominated for its development of our online Land Use Planning tool and accompanying Pre-application Consultancy Service.

Hazardous Substance Consents

HSE provides expert commercial consultancy to support the development of Hazardous Substances Consent applications. To find out more please email [email protected].