Health and Safety Executive

HSE Forms - Notifications

This section lists forms which have to be submitted before certain types of work begin.

The CBA1 and FODASB5 forms should be filled in online and submitted by EMail, this is indicated on the Next Action page.

  • CBA1 - Notification of use and consignment of biological agents
  • FODASB5 - Notification form
    This form is interactive and can be emailed direct to an HSE Area Office. Alternatively you can print and manually complete. From 1 April 2014 Asbestos Licence Holders will no longer be required to submit a copy of their licence with asbestos notifications. A copy of the licence should still be retained, displayed on site, and be available for inspection by the appropriate Enforcing Authority.

The following forms are e-forms to be completed on-line.  On completion of the forms select the 'Submit' button to electronically send your form directly to HSE.  For the Concern 1form please choose an area office from the location list provided at the end of the form before selecting ‘Submit’.

The F10 form may be completed online and the data will automatically transfer to HSE systems.  First time users of this form may wish to read the supporting User Guidance before they begin.


Updated 31.03.14