First-time user help

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About these forms

  • Some of HSE's external forms have been converted to interactive forms. These are simple forms and must be completed online as a one off task.
  • The completed forms can be saved to your hard drive and printed (prior to signing and posting). Some forms can also be e-mailed.
  • The forms cannot be amended once the Continue button is clicked. The information typed into the form is saved with the form as a read only record.
  • You must have Acrobat Reader installed on your PC. The forms do not work with earlier versions. (You can download Acrobat Reader by clicking the Acrobat Reader link on the right of this page).

How to select and complete these forms

The forms are accessed by choosing a category from the listing at the right hand side of the Forms Home pages.

Follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Choose the category for your form.
  • Step 2: Select the form from the form index listing.
  • Step 3: The form will load using Acrobat Reader.
  • Step 4: Type your details in the fields provided to complete your selected form. You can tab from field to field or click with your mouse.
  • Step 5: Click the "Continue" button at the end of the form. (This will merge the typed information with the form).
  • Step 6: A 'Next Action' page will display.
  • Step 7: Choose the "Open" option to view the merged form (which should now be in read only format).
  • Step 8: The form will be displayed in a window. You can do one or more of the following:
    • Proof read the form to check for mistakes
    • Use the "Save" icon from the toolbar to save a copy of the read only form to your hard drive
    • Use the "Print" icon from the toolbar to print a copy of the form
    • This window does not automatically close down. To avoid confusion when reusing the form or editing the form you should ensure you close the window first by clicking the close button in the top right corner of this window.
  • Step 9: You can choose the "Go back" option to amend your form if you identify mistakes. This will take you back to your original form. You can then make amendments/changes to the form. Click the 'Continue' button when your changes are complete.

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Updated 17.12.20