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About these forms

Listing of can do - can't do

Can do Can't do
You can type into the form whilst displayed in Acrobat Reader. You cannot download the forms to your hard drive for completion later.
The forms are for completing by one person in one go. The form cannot be forwarded with the intention of another person adding information to the form.
The form can only be amended whilst completing online. If further amendment is needed after clicking the Continue button the Go back option can be used to access the original form held in memory (PC cache.) The form cannot be amended offline.
Once the form has been completed, the Next Action page allows the form to be saved to your hard drive and printed. The form cannot be saved locally, printed or emailed until the Continue button on the form has been clicked and the Next Action page displays.
The form can be saved to a folder of your choice as a record of the information sent. This is in the format of a read only file. Once offline and the form has been saved locally it is not possible to make further amendments to the form.
If you need to complete several copies of the same form, it is possible to use the Go Back option on the Next Action page and reuse the original form. Some of the information in the form may be reusable and need not be retyped. See the topic 'Re-using a form'. When you wish to reuse a form you have just completed, you can do this by using the go back option. The information held in the form can be reused only whilst you are still linked via the Internet. This does not apply when using a different form.

How to select and complete these forms

The 'continue' button

The continue button

The 'next action' page

Amending a form

Re-using a form

PC memory ( ie PC cache)

Magnifying your form

Acrobat reader

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