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SIMs: Manufacturing

SIM Number Title
SIM 03/2012/06 Workplan 2012-13: Molten metal interventions
SIM 03/2012/05 Workplan 2012-13: FOD Visits to Motor Vehicle Repair (MVR) premises using isocyanate containing paints and lacquers, and/or two post lifts
SIM 03/2012/03 Workplan 2012-13: Stoneworker Industry Interventions
SIM 03/2012/02 Two-Hand Control at Hydraulic Presses
SIM 03/2012/01 Reducing ill health from isocyanate exposure in motor vehicle repair (MVR)
SIM 03/2010/02 Risk Of Vehicles Falling Off Two-Post Vehicle Lifts in Motor Vehicle Repair (MVR)
SIM 03/2009/12 Falls from height in mineral industries (ceramic, concrete and glass)
SIM 03/2009/11 Safety at Raku kilns
SIM 03/2009/08 Hazardous area classification for explosible dusts in the rubber and plastics industries
SIM 03/2009/07 Safety during the use of calenders in the rubber and plastics industries
SIM 03/2009/06 Legionella in aqueous tunnel washers
SIM 03/2009/01 Manual handling in teams during the fabrication of roof trusses
SIM 03/2008/12 Defective locking devices identified on modern 2-post lifts
SIM 03/2008/10 The use of liquid dye penetrants containing the azo compound CI Solvent Red 164 in the detection of flaws or cracks in metal components
SIM 03/2007/15 Use of fall arrest systems in steel stockholders
SIM 03/2006/10 Fires in metal finishing premises from electric process heaters
SIM 03/2004/61 Roadside Recovery and Repair (RRR) - Previously SIM 04/2004/14
SIM 03/2002/26 Short and Intermittent Exposure to Rosin-based Solder Flux Fume: When Exposure may need further Assessment and Control
SIM 03/2001/14 Control of Noise in Heavy Fabrication
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