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SIMs: Public services

SIM Number Title
SIM 07/2012/08 Workplan 2013/14: Asbestos management in schools outside Local Authority control
SIM 07/2012/07 Control of Legionella in hot and cold water systems in care services / settings using temperature
SIM 07/2012/06 Sector Information Minute (SIM 07/2012/06) Bed rail risk management
SIM 07/2012/01 Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011; HSWA s51A amendment
SIM 07/2011/06 Natural rubber latex sensitisation in health and social care
SIM 07/2011/05 Guidance on Domiciliary Care and Section 51 of the Health and Safety at Work etc Act (HSWA)
SIM 07/2011/01 Adult Safeguarding in Social Care – HSE Role
SIM 07/2009/06 Asbestos Management in school system buildings 2009/2010
SIM 07/2008/07 Domestic safety issues in local authority and other rented housing
SIM 07/2003/30 Enforcement Action against the Police, Fire Brigade or MoD
SIM 07/2002/09 Enforcement Responsibility for Military Air Shows and Similar Events
SIM 07/2001/36 Managing Health and Safety in Schools under 'Fair Funding'
SIM 07/2001/34 Enforcement Procedures for Crown Bodies
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