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SIMs: STSU (formerly CACTUS)

SIM Number Title
SIM 05/2011/04 Supply of Second hand machinery – duties of suppliers
SIM 05/2010/02 Manual handling risks during baggage handling on the ramp
SIM 05/2009/01 Reducing the risk of falls from tail-lifts
SIM 05/2008/05 Container Top Safety Frames
SIM 05/2008/03 Advice and guidance on the application of road traffic legislation to roads in docks
SIM 05/2008/02 Safe access to aircraft for catering operations
SIM 05/2007/07 Manual handling risks during assistance of disabled passengers boarding or disembarking aircraft
SIM 05/2007/02 The road haulage and distribution industry - overview
SIM 05/2005/09 Handling Containers with Slewing Cranes
SIM 05/2005/05 Preventing Falls from Height From, or When Opening or Closing Aircraft Doors
SIM 05/2004/52 Parcel carriers - Enforcement allocation
SIM 05/2004/51 Royal Mail business structure and enforcement allocation
SIM 05/2003/58 Preventing falls from height during maintenance at helicopters (Rotary wing aircraft) - Previously SIM 07/2003/32
SIM 05/2003/54 The Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (OFGEM) and its Perceived Influence on Safety Standards in the Electricity Industry - Previously SIM 04/2003/12
SIM 05/2003/53 Work On Utility Services Allocation of Responsibilities Between the Construction Sector and the Commercial and Consumer Services, Transportation & Utilities Sector - Previously SIM 03/2003/09
SIM 05/2004/09 Safe Use of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Fired Stage Flame Effects
SIM 05/2002/52 Preventing Falls from Height during Aircraft Maintenance
SIM 05/2002/18 Stress Corrosion Cracking of Stainless Steels in Swimming Pool Buildings
SIM 05/2002/03 Use of small mobile lifting devices at outdoor events as supports for speaker clusters, lights etc
SIM 05/2001/50 Electromagnetic Radiation in the Telecommunications Sector - Previously SIM 03/2001/02
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