Complaints - Stage 2/3: Assess complaint/Decide whether to investigate complaint - Additional guidance

HSE's policy on following up/investigating complaints

HSE's policy is to investigate every complaint received that meets its definition of a complaint unless:

  • the complainant wishes to remain anonymous, will not allow HSE to disclose that a complaint has been received and a vulnerable person is not involved
  • it is from a serial complainant and a Band 2 or above decides no further action is required
  • it has been made by an employee and has not been taken up with the dutyholder or trade union (unless it involves a vulnerable person)
  • it is outside the scope of section 3, see: Health & Safety at Work, etc Act 1974 section 3: enforcement

In the following exceptional circumstances HSE may decide not to investigate where:

  • there are no reasonably practicable precautions
  • it is impracticable to follow up / investigate
  • there are inadequate resources to follow up / investigate

Note: a decision not to follow up / investigate must be made by a Band 2 or above; a decision not to investigate because of inadequate resources or other emerging priorities must be made by a Band 1 or above.

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Updated 2021-12-14