Gas standard letters summary

April 2009 onwards

Gas standard letter No. Addressee Content
GSL1 (pka GES08) Gas Safe Register Letter requesting voluntary statement re: registration and competence download GSL1
GSL2 (pka GES9) Complainant/Gas Safe Register/Trading Standards/LA EHO Letter informing complainant of action taken against registered/unregistered installer download GSL2
GSL3 (pka GES10) Installer (non gas) Letter to builder/double glazing/conservatory/kitchen contractor download GSL3
GSL4 (pka GES11) Unregistered engineer Letter warning unregistered engineer who has recently carried out work and requiring completion of acknowledgement form download GSL4
GSL5 (pka GES12&13) Engineer Letter advising either further enquiries are being made into work they have done and/or reported matter to Gas Safe Register download GSL5
GSL6 (pka GES14) Engineer Letter enclosing Prohibition Notice download GSL6
GSL7 (pka GES15) Landlord/Managing Agent Letter requesting copy of Gas Safety Record download GSL7
GSL8 (pka GES17) Landlord Letter enclosing Improvement Notice download GSL8
GSL9 (pka GES21) Home owner/tenant Letter with proforma requesting details of engineer and any recent work completed download GSL9
Updated 2020-12-14