Complaints - Stage 3: Follow up complaint - Additional guidance

"Serious" gas complaints

A gas complaint is serious, if

  • it alleges fatal or major injury caused through exposure to carbon monoxide or unburnt gas, or a fire or explosion resulting from an escape of gas
  • it alleges current ill-health, eg tiredness or dizziness, caused by exposure to carbon monoxide
  • it relates to work that has left an appliance in a condition that if it is operated, or left connected to a gas supply, is an immediate danger to life and/or property, eg an appliance with serious flueing or ventilation or combustion defects when measured against the manufacturer's instructions and/or BS 5440 Parts 1 & 2
  • it relates to a dangerous gas fitting that, following inquiries with the notifier, cannot be confirmed as being made safe

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Updated 2020-12-14